Trails of the Ancestors

The warlock is currently conjuring up "Trails of the Ancestors". A roguelike dungeon crawler where you are a Shaman warrior that needs to unravel trails left by ancestral spirits, in order to become powerful enough to vanquish a group of malicious spirits that threathen to take over the spirit realm.

You can expect more information about Trails of the Ancestors soon. Here's an animated GIF of the alpha version that is currently in development. Stay tuned!

Gladiators of the Underworld Remastered

A fast-paced, combat focused, arcade survival game that is free to play in your browser!
Enter the arena and engage in battle with the darkest creatures of the underworld!
Do you have what it takes to survive, and to become the ultimate arena champion?

Gladiators of the Underworld was initially created as a prototype to test out gameplay elements, but since it is now a fully playable game, we decided to put it Online to play for free.

Play Gladiators of the Underworld Remastered (opens in a new tab)

More info about the game