Gladiators of the Underworld Remastered

A fast-paced, combat focused, arcade survival game that is free to play in your browser!
Enter the arena and engage in battle with the darkest creatures of the underworld!
Do you have what it takes to survive, and to become the ultimate arena champion?

Gladiators of the Underworld was initially created as a prototype to test out gameplay elements, but since it is now a fully playable game, we decided to put it Online to play for free.

Play Gladiators of the Underworld Remastered (opens in a new tab)


  • 100 challenging arena rounds
  • Upgradable character abilities
  • Different enemies that also improve on their abilities as the game progresses
  • Original handcrafted pixel graphics
  • Different weapons/powerups
  • Original soundtracks
  • Difficulty modes
  • Supports 1920x1080 resolution
  • Easy to get into, challenging to beat
  • Almost bug free, except in very rare instances enemies will move without moving their feet, just hit them once with your staff if that ever happens ;)


Gladiators of the Underworld is a browser game. It is not a mobile game. It is designed to be played on devices that are controlled using the keyboard and mouse (desktop computers, laptops and some tablets).

  • Arrow or WASD keys: Move around (also diagonally)
  • The '1' key: Wield your staff (you can also attack diagonally)
  • The '2' key: Perform a force push attack
  • The '3' key: Drop bombs (if you got bombs)
  • Move mouse: Aim crosshair
  • Left mouse button: Shoot fireball
  • Right mouse button: Strike with lightning (if you got lightning bolts)
  • The 'Esc' key: When in full screen: Exit full screen; When not in full screen: Go to menu
  • The 'F' key: When in game: Switch between screen resolutions.


Currently the game is not working optimal in Microsoft Edge because of a delay in the input controls, and sometimes keyboard event don't fire at all. This is a known issue of Microsoft Edge. Until this is resolved I advise you to use any other browser. Google Chrome will probably deliver the best experience. A reasonably fast video card is advised, because else the game will be laggy. Some have reported that the game can freeze on some devices. I haven't got the time to reproduce and fix these issues.

Full screen

You can switch to the 1920x1080 resolution from the settings. When you switch, the browser will go into full screen mode. When in game, you can also switch between resolutions by pressing the 'F' key on your keyboard. If your device does not support the 1920x1080 resolution, the game will not be fully visible in full screen.

The Story

For ages, gladiators have been competing in the underworld arena. You are a Necromancer and you need to prove yourself in battle against the most foul creatures, including Demons, Warlocks and Grim Reapers.


From the start, you have a skeleton staff which you can use as a ranged weapon by shooting fireballs. It can also be used as a melee weapon, by striking your opponents. You can also perform a force push attack, by slamming it into the ground.

Furthermore you can obtain special weapons like bombs and lightning to attack your opponents with more devastating force. You can also get hold of the flying demonic skull, that will help you in battle by flying to, and attack all enemies in the arena.


The game features multiple enemies who get stronger as you progress in the rounds. They will improve on the following abilities: Melee, Ranged, Speed and Toughness.

You can also increase your abilities as you progress through the rounds. Next to the Melee, Ranged, Speed and Toughness abilities, you have two additional abilities: Forcepush and Magic. After two rounds of battle, you'll be taken to the upgrade screen, where you can choose one ability to upgrade. The abilities start at level 1 and run al the way up to level 8.

The forcepush ability determines the size and impact of the shockwave that your staff creates when you slam it to the ground.

The magic ability determines how much magic is needed to use a weapon that requires magic, and the speed at which your magic will recover after usage.

The melee ability determines how much damage you do to your opponents when you strike them with your staff.

The ranged ability determines the speed your fireballs travel at and the amount of damage they do to your opponents.

The speed ability determines your walking speed.

The toughness ability determines the amount of damage you will suffer from your opponents attacks.