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5 Reasons Why Fantasy Fans Love This FREE Dwarven Mine Candle

“OMG, Dwarven Mine smells SO good! I let it sit in my living room while lit as I was working in my bedroom. When I came back out, I immediately noticed the sandalwood and palo santo that filled the room. My apartment smells amazing now!”

Katya S. Verified Customer

1. Transforms Your Home Into A Dwarven Mine

Dwarven Mine is our best selling candle for a reason. It combines the smooth, exotic, and warm smell of sandalwood with the woody and subtle sweetness of palo santo. The result? A clean, woody scent inspired by dwarven mines from your favorite fantasy books, movies, and games. Finally, a chance to escape the real world and surround yourself with dwarves mining for gold.

2. You Get A Strong Scent That Fills Your Entire Room Without The Headaches

Traditional candle brands use a 5%-7% fragrance concentration. Dwarven Mine uses 10%. By doubling the fragrance concentration, you get a stronger scent that fills your room without being too overpowering. Just light a Dwarven Mine candle and within a few minutes, you’ll feel the entire ambiance change right before your nose.

3. Made With 100% Clean, Vegan-Friendly Ingredients

Many candles are made with dangerous substances. We didn’t want that. So we used 100% soy wax and clean fragrances rather than unsustainable, petroleum-based paraffin wax and other toxin-heavy ingredients. In other words, our Dwarven Mine candle was designed from the ground up to be clean to burn and as safe as possible to use.

4. Perfect For Gaming, Reading, Movies, And More!

Dwarven Mine burns for up to 40-50 hours AND it comes with wood wicks that crackle when burnt. This gives off a “fireplace effect”, making it perfect for anytime you need to set a fantasy ambiance. Use it during your next D&D session, the next time you want to relax with a good fantasy book, or even when you just want to keep your home smelling great.

5. It’s A Fun, Exciting Gift For Other Fantasy Fans

Do you have friends who are into fantasy? Instead of giving them something boring like a t-shirt, give them an immersive fantasy experience with our Dwarven Mine candle. They’ll love you for it. In fact, one reason Dwarven Mine is our best seller is because our customers tend to buy multiple at a time. One for themselves and the rest for their friends and family.

Bring Home The Ultimate Immersive  Fantasy Experience

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Dwarven Mine

8.5 oz. | $38

"OMG, Dwarven Mine smells SO good! I let it sit in my room while lit. After a few minutes, I immediately noticed the sandalwood and palo santo that filled the room. My apartment smells amazing now!"

Katya S.

Verified Customer


8.5 oz. | $38

"My partner lights our Tavern candle pretty much every night when he’s gaming or writing for his own D&D campaign. It really does feel like you’re in a well-worn tavern!"

Paige B.

Verified Customer

Elven City

8.5 oz. | $38

"I've tried every Wicked Warlock candle and I like them all. However, Elven City is by far my favorite. I can't get enough of its fresh lavender and redwood scent. It's also really strong!"

Deyanira S.

Verified Customer

Dragon's Lair

8.5 oz. | $38

"Dragon's Lair instantly made me think of my favorite games. You get a fire-like smokiness, a strong clove scent you would expect in a cavernous lair containing a dragon, and all layered with just a tad of sweetness. Overall, it's a deep and dark scent you actually want to smell. Love it!"

Juan G.

Verified Customer

Heroes' Feast

8.5 oz. | $38

"I am officially addicted. I've always loved cinnamon candles, but something about Heroes' Feast hits different. Imagine sitting at a table with mountains of cinnabuns and banana nut bread in front of you and then taking it all in, in one big whiff. It's... deliciously magical, ha! This one is a keeper!"

Sarah M.

Verified Customer

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