Our Story

Welcome To The Wicked Warlock, The #1 Purveyor Of Scented Candles Inspired By Your Favorite Role Playing Games!

Hello adventurer!

If you're a fan of scented candles and role playing games like The Witcher, Skyrim, and D&D... then this might just be the greatest day of your life.

We created The Wicked Warlock because we love fantasy worlds. Whether it was watching The Lord of the Rings for 101st time, playing through yet another round of The Witcher 3, or having fun with friends playing Dungeons & Dragons... we were obsessed. 

And then it clicked!

What if there was a way to bring the fantasy RPG experience to life?

We discovered it was possible to create candles that smelled like our favorite role playing games... creating the ultimate immersive experience fantasy lovers would die for. So we took it upon ourselves to learn everything there is to know about candles, while also going deeper into fantasy lore to decide what these candles would be made of...

If we were to create a candle inspired by a Dwarven forge, what characteristics would it take? Dwarves are known be metal workers, but is there a scent that can match that while still smelling great?

Should a wizard's tower smell like a library where apprentices from across the land come to learn arcane spells or should it smell like a secluded tower archmages use to secretly look for the answer to immortality? (Believe it or not, these are two completely different scents!)

What would the inside of a dragon's lair smell like? Should we focus on his horde of gold or the fire that strikes fear into every human's heart?


Finally, after months of work, we figured out not only how to create candles that actually reminded you of your favorite role playing games, we figured out how to make them smell amazing for immersive experiences AND become a statement piece every house guest will notice and rave about.

Today, we're constantly launching new scents for more immersive experiences.

Best of all, we've come up with our very own fantasy story weaved into every candle we sell, starring Enya, The Dark Elf and her quest to rediscover her forgotten memories. So you're not just getting an RPG-inspired candle... you're actually buying an original fantasy story you can experience and collect.

And that's it!

We're so excited you're here. Please pick up a candle to experience our scents first hand and read up on Enya's story if you really want to get the most out of The Wicked Warlock candles.

The Wicked Warlock And The Forgotten Memories Of Enya, The Dark Elf

Enya is an immortal dark elf cursed with a mortal’s bandwidth for memory.

She is unsure if the curse was placed upon her as punishment, or as a mercy to hide some unbearable past. The candles she makes are a diary of sorts - a collection of scents to preserve memories both known and forgotten.

Enya sells these candles in the hopes of finding an unknown person who can reveal her past to her. She is endlessly curious, strong-willed, and adventurous as she seeks answers.

Her passion edges on bloodlust, since she’d do anything to fulfill her quest.