Dragon's Lair

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"Dragon's Lair instantly made me think of my favorite games. You get a fire-like smokiness, a strong clove scent you would expect in a cavernous lair containing a dragon, and all layered with just a tad of sweetness. Overall, it's a deep and dark scent you actually want to smell. Love it!" - Juan G.

Dragon's Lair smells like dragon's blood, clove, and amber



I stepped into what felt like the beating heart of the mountain.

A large opening in the ceiling acted like a skylight, sending clove fluttering down from the trees outside. Tree sap inched down in a chandelier, old amber trapping the light. Gold raced across the cavern walls in a glittering tangle, converging around a heap of ore, messily clawed out and laying on the ground. A nest, warm and slightly melted.

The beating grew louder.

Electricity surged into my legs, and I shoved myself to the side, barely escaping the dragon’s talons as it landed. I turned to face the beast, locking my gaze with its beady, blood red eyes. It let out a roar, its rage amplified by the cavern’s echoes. Jets of fire spewed from its mouth, and I noticed the golden nest sag from the heat. I let a bolt of lightning fly from my staff, aimed at its gaping jaws. The dragon snapped its mouth shut, electricity bouncing off a barricade of teeth.

Still enhanced by my own magic, I raced around the cavern’s perimeter, parrying the dragon’s massive tail with the end of my staff, sending out bolts into joints and organs. The beast shrieked and convulsed in response, its fiery breath singing my clothing as it fought its own body.

I could feel my legs start to buckle and creak - they couldn’t handle the extra strength of my charged muscles much longer. My time was running out. I used the last of my endurance to launch myself behind my prey, sending a final, blinding strike between its folded wings.

The dragon reared its long neck back, pure electricity sparking through its nervous system. I could sense my magic working its way through, searing flesh from the inside out. A sweet smoke began to filter through the scales, spiraling into the opening above.

With a final shudder, the dragon collapsed, dark blood pooling from its mouth. My magic spent, I clutched my staff, holding myself upright as I watched the life fade from my prey.


  • Made with 100% vegan soy wax.
  • Wax weighs in at 8.5 ounces
  • Amber glass with smooth edge
  • Wood wick that crackles when burnt!
  • 40-50 hours of burn time

The Reviews Are In!


"I'm always looking for unique gifts for my friends, so when I got the chance to smell these scents, I knew I found "it". They smell DELICIOUS! They're my go-to gift now."

Katya S.

"You'd think scents like Tavern or Dragon's Lair would smell funky, but they actually smell way better than I imagined. These are my new favorite candles. Love them!"

Josh B.

"When I heard that these candles could make my D&D campaigns more fun, I had to try them. I'm so glad I did. They create the perfect ambiance for fantasy fans."

Justin C.
Los Angeles, CA

"When it comes to candles, you get what you pay for. In this case, these candles deliver. Unique scents, wood wicks that crackle, long-lasting wax... love it. I'll be buying more soon!"

Bryan G.

"I regularly host friends, family, and neighbors at my home. And whenever they come over, they're always telling me about how much they love these candles"

Victoria F.

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Set A Relaxing Mood For Reading

Want to visit the dwarven mine, elven city, tavern, or more from your favorite fantasy books? Light one of our candles. Our scents will help you unwind while turning the words in your book alive!

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The only thing better than a fun role playing game is feeling like you're INSIDE the world you're playing in! Enter our candles. Light them and turn your game into a true RPG experience!

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Customer Reviews

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Chris Salisbury

Dragon's Lair

Chris Matosky

Dragon's Lair


Very powerful for its size, able to make my entire house smell 👏

Can't get enough

This scent is amazing, alluring, addicting. It makes me long for rainy days where I can just curl up in my PJs with a good book and a cup of tea.

Nicolas Ranero

It's really nice

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